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Men have a talent for overcomplicating the simplest of things.

Women being one, amongst a list of many.

Men spend their entire lives struggling to interact with Women. 

And some fail.

And some that think they succeeded, 

have actually also failed.

Many believe that it is impossible to understand Women.

This is false.

I do not profess to have words that can summarise the entirety of the Female dimension.

But I do believe I have a phrase that can set confused Men onto the right path. 

It is simply this:

“Women, are people too.”

This may seem to be obvious, many Men might believe they already know this. But there is a chasm between awareness and understanding.

The ramifications of this statement are profound and extensive.

It is to say:

Women have ideas, memories, beliefs, passions, likes and dislikes, strengths and weaknesses, regrets, hopes and dreams.

Approach a Woman like you would a vibrant spirit that is meant to be embraced and known, not merely admired and objectified.

Men confuse Women for things they are not. 

They are not paintings, whose only value is on the surface. 

They are not toys, whose purpose is to satisfy the owner’s every whim. 

They are not inferior or superior.

Like any complex living being, you must invest time and effort to understand them, to know them.

For many Men, relationships are the only time in their lives when they will spend a serious amount of time with someone who has so few of the same tastes and views.

For many Men, it is too easy to become entranced by external beauty. 

And too easy to forget, it won’t last.

Krishna said it perfectly. 

“You are not your body”

So I say, 

forget you are a Man.

Forget she is a Woman.

Look and love beyond the exterior.

Pretend you are both immortal spirits, travellers through this universe, since the beginning of time.

Pretend you have crossed and will continue to cross paths for eternity.

Pretend everything that is transient, 

is not real.

Pretend that everything which is permanent, 

is real.

Don’t treat her like a painting, a toy or a different species.

Listen to her as you do your friends. 

There is no such thing as someone who talks too much, only those who attempt to talk to people who have no interest in what they are saying.

Treat every day with her like your last great adventure.

Make her soul sing with joy.

Love her, 

not her body.

If things do not go well, 

maybe she is not for you.

If with others it ends the same way, 

maybe Women are not for you.

But you will never know, 

until you seriously try, 

you lazy bastard.

Rupert Spira

Rupert Spira

The Only

The Only