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Rupert Spira

Rupert Spira

I came across Rupert Spira amongst the many Science and Non-Duality 2015 conference videos and was immediately struck by his concise, clear and quiet responses. All of which visibly came from experience and not just study. 

Those who flung the standard deep and paradoxical spiritual questions his way would never get studied and robotic response. Rather, they would receive an on the spot unleashing of beautiful wisdom.

Rupert's long pauses before answering, and his excellent analogies and metaphors made him stand out amongst the crowd of spiritual teachers. I enthusiastically dove into his treasure trove of spiritual videos, discovering the philosophy of non-duality through his explanations.

Spira's videos remain my first choice when recommending non-dualistic resources to friends. 



Rupert Spira first came across the poetry of Rumi at the age of fifteen in 1975. Shortly afterwards he learned the Mevlevi Turning, a sacred Sufi dance of movement, prayer and meditation, at Colet House in London.

Soon after this he met his first teacher, Dr. Francis Roles, who was himself a student of Shantananda Saraswati the Shankaracharya of the North of India,. Under Dr. Roles’ guidance he learned mantra meditation and was introduced to the classical system of Advaita or Non-Duality. This formed the foundation of his interest and practice for the next 25 years.




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A concept I did for Rupert Spira's book

A concept I did for Rupert Spira's book